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Auto insurance and driving go hand in hand.

Auto policies cover vehicles, occupants, and much more in case of insurance claims. Beyond that, auto insurance is a legal requirement for driving in the State of Texas and across the nation. Today there are many auto policies available with rates and coverage ranging across the board. With so many policies and options available, finding the right policy can be a challenge. The cheapest policy today may prove costly following a claim. An independent insurance agent can help find the right auto insurance policy, offer options, and will seek out the best auto insurance rates.

Understanding Auto Insurance Coverage

The right level of insurance coverage will vary by driver, vehicle, vehicle purpose and more. Each state carriers minimum insurance requirements for driving.
These are generally centered on liability in case of damages caused to another person or their property. While this keeps drivers up with the law, drivers carrying liability alone will be out-of-pocket for personal losses following a claim. The right policy will take much more into effect, including other insurance policies, personal details and so much more.

Cookie-cutter insurance policies may offer fast coverage yet following a claim it may be challenging to get compensation. The right policy will offer ample coverage through a reputable carrier and will compensate for insurance claims quickly. There’s more to shopping for auto insurance than picking up the phone or performing a search. Purchasing insurance is an educated decision an experienced, independent insurance agent can help with.

Auto Insurance in Texas

Liability insurance protects drivers from damages inflicted upon people or property. In most cases, drivers are obligated to pay a deductible amount with their insurance policy paying the remainder. This often leads to drivers paying for the majority of repairs and facing increased insurance premiums to boot.
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Bill Culver and Co. of Seymour, Texas is an independent insurance agency. We source auto insurance quotes from multiple carriers for selection on rates and coverage. We offer auto insurance with deductibles that make sense. At Bill Culver and Co., an independent insurance agency, deductibles can be waived if:

* The insured damages their own property
* Damages are caused by an uninsured/underinsured driver
* Involved parties are insured by the same carrier

At Bill Culver and Co., we process auto insurance claims quickly so you can get back on the road. For fast quotes from multiple carriers, and all with a single phone call, call a Bill Culver and Co. agent today.

Shopping for Texas Auto Insurance

Purchasing auto coverage today is simple. In fact, it’s become too simple leading to many drivers overpaying for auto insurance. Insurance carriers try to fit drivers into existing, off-the-shelf policies.

An independent agent operates the other way around, creating a policy around the driver.

Chances are, an independent insurance agent can find an auto policy with better coverage at a great rate. At Bill Culver and Co., get an agent that places your interests first. Our insurance agency is built upon a foundation of honesty, efficiency, and integrity.

Auto policies are based off more than dollars and cents. State minimum liability requirements are often inadequate for the average driver. This leads to many surprises following claims when drivers face unexpected costs. There is a cost to cheap insurance. Upgrading insurance may raise premiums slightly, yet following a claim offer a marked rate increase. There are many quirks to insurance policies. Tuning a policy to match the customer helps get the best possible coverage at the best available rate. Additionally, discounts for bundling policies may lead to cheaper rates than those available online

Texas Independent Insurance Agents

Before opting for a basic auto insurance policy, see how much more is available through an independent insurance agent. An independent agent works for you, negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf. Independent insurance agents act as a personal representative, managing claims and ensuring rates stay low. To see how much more there is to gain through an independent insurance broker call Bill Culver and Co. today. Make insurance companies compete for your business,