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Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Section 1 – Property Coverage

  1. Dwelling
  2. Other Structures
  3. Personal Property
  4. Loss of Use

Section 2 – Liability Coverages

  1. Personal Liability
  2. Medical Payments
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Homeowners Insurance Coverage

The dwelling is insured under coverage A for a certain amount 80% of its replacement cost. This will pay your claims without depreciation or ageing. An example, I’m paying you for a new roof regardless of its age.

Other structures on the premises would be garages, tool shed other improvements on the premises. This coverage is usually 10 % of the amount of dwelling coverage. The amount can be increased.

Personal property is the contents of the dwelling such as furniture, clothing or anything else of a personal nature. This coverage goes with you traveling, fishing or on a vacation, in your automobile or motel, it also waived deprecation on the contents coverage.

Loss of use pertains to you having to move out of the dwelling when you have a fire or water damage, waving to go to a motel, etc.


Homeowners Insurance

Personal Liability protects you if you are sued personally.

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Medical payments pay for injuries that occur (GFour premises is not your immediate family).

Some homeowner policies pay for the loss of your cell phone.

Some homeowner policies provide you with identity fraud coverage. Water damage is also an option.

Your jewelry is classified as personal property coverage. If you want your jewelry insured the items need to be listed per item, This would give you theft coverage on each item as well as replacement of the cost of individual stones.

Homeowners Tenant coverage can be purchased with these same coverages but without the dwelling insürande. This would apply if you are in an apartment or are in a leased dwelling.

Regular dwelling and contents insurance is also available with some of these same provisions.

Umbrella Liability Insurance is also available that provides personal liability coverage starting with $1,000,000.00 limits that will cover not only your dwelling but includes your personal vehicles.

Not all homeowners or dwelling policies are created equal. Policy protection levels, premium, and service with agents and companies differ. Purchasing insurance based on price a!one will almost certainly leave gaps in your insurance. The right homeowner’s or dwelling insurance policy is crafted to meet the needs of the homeowner by a dedicated insurance agent.

Bill Culver & Co. as an independent insurance agency will compare rates from several companies to assist you with the best protection available.