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Protect employers from lawsuits by employees due to becoming ill or being harmed while on the job


Employees get economic relief if something does occur to them due to a work-related issue

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Worker’s Compensation Insurance helps protect employers from lawsuits by employees due to physical injury or bodily injury or disease caused by or aggravated by the conditions of your employment while on the job. At the same time, employees get economic relief if something does occur to -them due to a work-related issue. Some employers are not required to carry Worker’s Compensation (for example, certain domestic workers, certain farm and ranch workers). However, it’s a smart thing to carry insurance to protect your business and give you and your employees’ peace of mind. The range and kind of insurance coverage needed for your particular business could vary depending on your unique situation.

And that’s where working with Bill Culver & Co. Es a smart choice. We know Texas Worker’s Compensation something like the back of our hand. We’ll help you create the right classifications in your workers compensation program that matches your protection needs.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Typically Cover?

As a whole, worker’s compensation will cover injuries that are work related that happen because of an occupational mishap or occurrence. Off-site injuries may also be covered if they are work-related. This includes an injury sustained by an employee offsite (while working on the Job).

The employer and officers can also be covered for their job-related injuries while working.

Under the Texas Worker’s Cornpensaliurt law, an injury is covered, despite fault, if it was sustained while working in the company’s business; this includes injuries during job-related travel.

There are three major types of benefits; medical, income, as well as death benefits-each type,  is statutorily defined in the policy.

Texas law puts a heavy emphasis on return-to-work programs.

It’s important to educate your employees that worker’s compensation only pays a portion of their lost wages. Employees need to underatänd that while this may seem unfair, it is part of the trade-off that is in the worker’s compensation system. 

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The key advantage of workers compensation is that an employee can get benefits quickly without filing a lawsuit or proving that the employer was at fault for causing the injury.

Bill Culver & Co. offers convenient claims support and the advice you need to help keep your business running smoothly should you need to submit a worker’s compensation claim.

When you’re ready to explore ou worker’s compensation program, reach out to Bill Culver & Co. Our detailed approach will ensure you find affordable protection..that manages while ensuring your team. can have peace of mind.